Chasing Davies: Kansas City Streetcar Adventures with the Kids

July 6, 2016

Kansas City Streetcar Adventures with the Kids

Our long holiday weekend was overcast and unseasonably cold in Kansas City, and my husband and I were desperate to entertain the kiddos!  So, Saturday morning, we decided to head downtown for brunch and a streetcar adventure. My husband and I both work downtown and have rode the new KC Streetcar several times - we knew the kids would get a kick out of it, and how nice it is to be able to jump on and off without having to deal with car seats (win-win)!

After parking at Union Station (the start of the streetcar on the southern end), we hoped aboard.  Liam and Nora each had a play camera to take pictures, and Liam took the job very seriously. I think I've created a monster.  He was looking for the tallest buildings out the window to take pictures of them.  It was a super foggy morning, so he'd thought it was pretty cool that some of the tops were in the clouds ;)

Nora loved altering between looking out the windows and watching the city pass by and people watching on the streetcar.  She didn't love when people she didn't know sat too close... haha.

We rode the streetcar to the North Loop stop at 7th street and walked just up the street (about a block and a half) to the Homesteader Cafe for brunch. It was a cute place and made Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes with bacon for a mouth. The kids loved that, and Greg and I loved their biscuits and gravy!

 After brunch, we waited for the streetcar to come back to our stop to continue heading north so we could ride through the north end of the route - through the River Market and complete the whole loop!  The kids were on pins and needles waiting for the streetcar to come - trying to hard to spot it down the street.

{Outfit Details: Nora - Tank, Shorts c/o, Kitty Cat shoes c/o; Liam - Old T-shirt (similar!), Shorts, Sandals}

Hope you all had much better weather - but even despite our cooler temps and overcast skies, it was a nice break from the heat and we were still able to get out and have some fun (thankfully most of the called for rain held off!).

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