Chasing Davies: Girls Trip to San Diego

April 14, 2016

Girls Trip to San Diego

Last (long) weekend was spent in one house with 13 girls to celebrate one special bride-to-be, and everyone survived.  We didn't just survive, we thrived, except for an unexpecting sunburn that I'm still suffering from! It was the perfect girls-trip that I totally needed (a break from work, from life) and excuse to reunite with some of my most favorite friends.

First things first - we stayed in a huge house that had 6 bedrooms and could sleep up to 15!  It had a nice open concept between the living room, big kitchen and dining area which was perfect for a big group!  But the patio/backyard was probably my favorite part - we just didn't get the most awesome weather to be able to fully utilize it.  There was a pool, hot tub, fire pit, grill and several seating/eating areas - and a view. Whoa.  3 of my friends and I slept in the downstairs studio space, which was perfect for late nights of endless talking. ;)

The first full day we were all together, we went on a hike at Torrey Pines - which is along the shores, so lots of beach views!  On this particular morning, San Diego seemed pretty overcast and cool, so I totally forgot about sunscreen. And I didn't even wear makeup, which mine has SPF within it - so I was bare.  I was smart enough to at least dress in layers, wearing a tank under my long-sleeves.  Needless to say, during our 3.5 miles hike - the sun came out and I got scorched.  Dealing with the ramifications (peeling) still today...

My favorite part was hiking down from the hill to the finish on the beach. The beach had tons of beautiful rocks, and well, ocean.

{"L" for Laurel.... and some backwards ones for Loser, I guess!}

After lunch in downtown La Jolla (cutest little area ever) at Poseidon and sat on the patio - more sun, but oh-so-lovely.  Then we all headed back to the huge house to rest and get ready!  Later that night was our official "Bachelorette Party" night.  We started with a massive photo shoot on the back patio - because, that view... and then gave/performed/showed Laurel our sentimental gifts, with drinks and appetizers before heading to dinner.  

Before dancing the night away - hoping around a few places in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, we ate at Bang Bang (also in the Gaslamp area) which is known for awesome sushi and a bathroom stall completely covered by photos of Ryan Gossling.

The next day, we all slept in a bit before rolling our sore feet out of bed (it was a really good dancing night the night prior) for brunch.  We went to Great Maple, which I had read really good things about and also heard they had really good Bloody Mary's.  So the reviews did not lie and this place did not disappoint - it was delicious.  Thankfully, we had made reservations - and I highly recommend doing so! The line was out the door.

We started with splitting their maple bacon donuts - OMG, amaze. And their Bloody Mary was indeed delish. They had several kinds, but I couldn't resist the Big Pickle! 

After our boozy brunch, we continued to San Pasqual Winery for test tasting and a tour.  It's a small local winery - and the wine was fantastic. It was also pretty cool learning about the process on a smaller level.  Down the road was a local brewery, Helix, so we walked over to continued the test tasting.  Why not?!

Finally, that night we chilled at La Jolla Shores, around a firepit.  We brought pizza and s'mores materials and made the bride-to-be, Laurel, answer questions we had previously asked of her fiance.  It was a perfect way to end the trip!

 The next morning we all finished packing up and headed to the airport to start our journey home!  It was a really great 4 days in the San Diego area - and I'm already thinking about planning another girls trip!  Do you have any favorite spots for a girls trip?? I'd love some suggestions!

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