Chasing Davies: Winter Break Snow Day!

January 5, 2016

Winter Break Snow Day!

Now that I'm back to work and winter break is over, I'm missing these two little munchkins, despite the fighting and whining over the last two weeks! But the best thing that could happen when you're home alone during that time with two little toddlers and have a major case of cabin fever: snow!  Even if we barely got 2 inches here in Kansas City, last week we were making the most of it!  Well, once we got all bundled up, that is. Phew - a work out in it's own getting two squirmy tots into layers of clothing and then getting them to keep it on!

When we were just running around in the backyard - playing "snow ball" (what Liam named kicking a big ball in the snow - which is a pretty good mini workout for us all!), we wore less layers! Thank goodness!  And, as you can see below, Nora was NOT interested in this game, so mini workout it was, because we headed back inside soon after.  Later she came around for a snow walk and sledding after Greg got home!

{^^ Their differing thoughts on the freshly falling snow!}

 It took Nora a lot longer to warm up to the cold. But she's started to love it towards the end of break! She was laughing all the way down the hill when sledding with Liam - which is a major improvement to last winter's sledding adventures.

Or maybe it was just the retro snowsuit that she finally fits into (my mom found this last year!)...

P.S. I'm wearing my favorite snow boots! And we love Hunter boots for the kids in rain and snow (but they also both have snow boots, too!)

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