Chasing Davies: To Make: Last Minute Cheese & Fruit Plate for Kids & Adults!

December 23, 2015

To Make: Last Minute Cheese & Fruit Plate for Kids & Adults!

Still need to bring and/or put something together for your family Holiday gathering (or even an idea for next week's NYE events!)??  I love a good cheese/fruit/nut tray - but for a recent family gathering, I also needed to appeal to the little ones, as well as the adults!  So I put together a kid & adult friendly platter! 


Colby Jack Chunks
Goat Cheese (with honey!)

Blackberry Jam 
Nuts (we love Marcona Almonds)

Then arrange it all on a big bamboo butcher block - which I got last year for Christmas from my mom and have used it weekly since! I love it for adding counter space over my sink, cutting on, arranging foods on, using as a background and so on.

If you don't want to pick out seeds bit by bit, or send them flying by flipping chunks inside out, I suggest simply cutting a pomegranate in half and soaking each half in a bowl of water - seeds facing into the water.  After 15-30 minutes, they will come loose in the bowl. Then simple drain the water in a colander.  So get this going first, while you slice up and prepare everything else!

Easy and liked by all - Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday gatherings and yummy food eating. ;)

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