Chasing Davies: Gift Ideas: For the Littles!

December 17, 2015

Gift Ideas: For the Littles!

Kids are probably pretty easy to shop for - they want everything, even the box it comes in would probably do!  But let's also stop and think about the parents and the house that this gift will live in, the floor it will lay on, the poor feet that will trip over it and the tired adult that will be picking it up over and over again.  Amiright?

Here are a few ideas that are more unique, long lasting and/or fun for the whole family!

Give your kids a place to hide their toys - I mean, hide and play in a space all their own! We love our own teepee, especially come winter when we're stuck inside more!

Books are one of the best gifts you can give children, and I love personalized ones even more!  My kids get so excited over books that have something personal included.

Gold Hightop Sneakers - These are the only sneakers my two-year old will wear - and she can even put them on herself!  The toe light up making putting on her shoes to get out of the house a bit more fun and easy. ;)

Custom Super Hero Outfit - I'm saving this idea for next year when both my kids will totally FLIP for this one! Celebrate the super hero in all our kids with their very own look!

Old School Games, like Connect Four, are the perfect games to bring your family together! Connect Four is a super game, even toddlers, to practice counting (plus, I love it, too)! 

Don't live somewhere that the snow may fall? No worries - Insta Snow Balls!

Anything music related is an awesome gift idea for any kid in my opinion! Start with a ukulele for the toddler/young kid in your life!

Have any of your own gift ideas for littles/toddlers/kids? I'd love to hear other unique and thoughtful gift ideas!

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