Chasing Davies: To Make: Blackberry Ricotta Toast

October 6, 2015

To Make: Blackberry Ricotta Toast

Blackberry Ricotta Toast

I have a hard time getting enough protein in my diet (and veggies, but that's for another problem at a time!), so when I realized how high ricotta cheese was in protein - I decided to give it another try. It's been awhile since I've eaten it, last I remember is that the texture didn't suit me.  But I tried it, pretty simply - in a bowl with my favorite fruit of the moment, blackberries. I slightly muddled the berries which created a pretty ugly bowl of mush, but SO DELICIOUS!  I've been eating it a few times of week as a great alternative to a dessert or a post-workout snack.

I'm sure you guys have heard of the ever popular Avocado Toast trend (which I also love!), but in the same vein, Ricotta Toast is another popular meal or snack!  So, I decided to turn my mushy bowl into a more beautiful and flavor diverse meal - which also led to an awesome appetizer dish with just a slight variation!  See below for both recipes!

Kansas City bread bakery

I picked up what I like to call fancy bread from a local bakery (Heirloom, for those of you in Kansas City, is delicious!). This sunflower flax seed bread really adds to this recipe - making it more robust with a flavorful base.

Ingredient List:
Bread - Sliced and Toasted
Seedless Blackberry Perserve - Chilled, Optional
Light Ricotta Cheese
Blackberries - Halved
Organic, Raw Honey - Warmed

Kansas City Heirloom Sunflower Flax Seed Bread
Ricotta Toast

 I love the layered effect of this meal - layering different textures and temperatures really adds to the flavor and richness! But if you crave something more simple - you could also forgo the Blackberry jam and skip straight to the Ricotta!

I spread the cool jam on the warm, freshly toasted slice of bread, then topped that thin layer with the cool Ricotta.  I sliced my blackberries in half and line the toast with as many as I can squeeze on! The final step is to drizzle warm honey (microwave for only 6-8 seconds at a time to avoid burned honey!) all over the top. Enjoy right away!

And if you'd like to turn this same mixture of ingredients into a super easy and very pretty appetizer dish to bring to a party... without further ado, I bring you a slight variation of the above recipe!

Blackberry Ricotta Bruschetta

All you need in addition to the previously mentioned ingredients is Baguette Crustinies or slightly stale, sliced French or Italian baguette in lieu of your regular sliced sandwich bread.

Easy and healthy party appetizer
Party Appetizer

What are some ways YOU are enjoying Ricotta Cheese?!?!

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