Chasing Davies: Kansas City Renaissance Festival

October 2, 2015

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

It has been years since I've been to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and I'm totally kicking myself! Last weekend we took the kids - and I'm not sure who had more fun, me or them! I felt like a kid myself - everything was so authentic and real, that I really felt like I had stepped back to the 14th century. And it was huge - so much to see, do, eat, watch and shop! We meant to spend a couple hours there before nap and spent 5!  It helped that it was a beautiful day and then kids were in great moods!

But, if you haven't been yet this year (or ever!), you still have until October 18th to get to this elaborate fest.  Ticket Tip: Buy your tickets at Hy-Vee before you go and head there first thing in the morning. There may be a terribly long line - but it's to BUY tickets (thus why you should pre-buy yours!!).  You'll get to waltz right in. We arrive at 10:30am (opens at 10am and closes at 7pm) and the crowd wasn't too bad/lines for things, like the bathroom, too long until lunch time.

If you are going sans kids - maybe try evening for dinner and after. They have lots of wine and beer - we even saw a singing pub crawl going on. Looked fun. :)  But while there was singing and drinking elsewhere, we were in giant swings, riding an elephant (what the what!?!) and watching jousting...  Here are a few of the pics we managed to capture throughout our time there when we remembered to snap 'em!

KC Renaissance festival
Riding an elephant in Kansas City

Perhaps the most fun thing was riding a freaking elephant! I didn't even know this was possible to do in Kansas City or any where in the midwest, and we all did it together. I was actually a little nervous up there, but Paige the elephant was super sweet. At one point she turned her head a bit to the side and laid her ear over Liam's let and my knee. I think that means she liked us.

Jousting at KC Ren Fest

 I didn't even have time to snap as many pictures as I wanted - especially during the times I was really in awe or having fun!  But I hope I've convinced you to get to the KC Renaissance fest before it's over or find one near you (or come visit KC!).

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