Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: Made in KC!

October 29, 2015

Favorite Wears: Made in KC!

If you aren't from the KC area (or NYC or baseball fans, for that matter) these KC-inspired looks might be getting a bit old for you... but I try to keep it real here. No photoshoots of outfits I don't actually wear, no fake situations for a photo only. And blue and/or KC-themed items has been on rotation this blue-October (we're in the World Series, in case that wasn't clear).  

So, if you are a Royals fan - this if for you! If you aren't, this is still for you: no matter what team you root for or what sport you follow - there are ways you can dress sporty and show support for your team, but still get on with your life (like go to work...).  

Even my new rain/wind/cooler weather jacket is the perfect shade of royal (navy) blue! Oh, and the kids are totally joining in on these KC/blue looks!  

Outfit Details: HatMade in KC shirts (mine & the kids) c/o;  Blue Rain Jacket c/o; Skirt - old from Loft (similar here, here and in black here); Sneakers - old, similarKC Ring Necklace c/o}

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