Chasing Davies: A Mama/Son Outing to Shop for Halloween!

October 10, 2015

A Mama/Son Outing to Shop for Halloween!

Liam is at that age where he kind of gets something is coming up that he thinks might be fun to act like someone or thing else... he doesn't totally know why, and the thought of candy doesn't even phase him, but the fact that he gets to dress up and become his favorite "thing of the moment" is thrilling to him.  So, last weekend, I wanted some one-on-one time with my growing-to-fast-boy, so we headed to Party City to Halloween costume shop for him - and he was so excited!

I wanted him to be part of the experience from the beginning - mainly because every time I ask him what he wants to be, he has a different answer, but also, I wanted him to see all that went in to the decision, see his options and be ok with his selection.  And oh the selection they had.  I was overwhelmed myself, but Liam honed right in on what he was really wanting to become, and it was kind of amazing to see how he could do this amongst all the options. Better than me, that's for sure.

Can you guys even guess what my almost-four-year old zoomed right in on?  Hint.  It's been a popular show in my home. And honestly, I don't hate it myself... It has a positive vibe all the way through, and that's something I can get behind letting my kids watch (in moderation, of course). So, I was kind of happy with his choice, myself.  (You can find other good ideas for toddler-friendly costumes right here!)

You can get a glimpse into our fun outing shopping for Halloween in this little video:

I had to keep in some of Liam's funny little comments (like why we hold hands, and why he thinks he got a free balloon - which honestly, it was probably true!). I so love this one-on-one time with him, he really opens up in a different way, and I'm able to completely focus on him.  Even if it's just little things like running errands or shopping for something you need anyways - I know he feels special and it fills my heart with joy.

 And by the way, get a FREE digital poster when you make ANY Nickelodeon in-store purchase at Party City!  Personalized and autographed featuring your child's favorite Nick character.  *Offer only valid in-store at Party City through 10/31/15.  Limit 1 redemption code per customer. See associate for details. Find a location near you right here!

So, after our little mama/son date at Party City, shopping and looking at all the fun decorations (getting lots of ideas for his upcoming birthday, too!), we headed home to show Nora and Dad what costume we got for Liam... and of course, he just had to try it on!

Isn't he the cutest little Marshall from Paw Patrol?!? If you aren't familiar with the show, it's a great one for your littles to watch - you can find more about Paw Patrol and air times in your area here!

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