Chasing Davies: To Make: Refreshing for Summer, Flavorful enough for Fall Cocktail

September 8, 2015

To Make: Refreshing for Summer, Flavorful enough for Fall Cocktail

The grapefruit-vodka cocktail has been my refreshing go-to all season long, but just subtly summer enough to transition into fall just fine.  Actually, grapefruits reach their peak around the holidays, as they have a longer gestation period than the average citrus fruit, so you may consider squeezing the fruit for your own juice come winter!

Keep reading for the ingredients and recipe!

What you need (it's really quite simple):

1. San Pellegrino, flavor of choice - I love using the Blood Orange flavor for extra hiding of the Vodka taste.
Alternatively, you could also select any other sort of tonic or club soda you fancy.

2. Grapefruit juice (or fresh grapefruit, squeezed).

3. Vodka (I like Grey Goose - it's more expensive, but I don't drink enough to put me out of house and home or anything, and I'd rather it go down smooth.

4. Limes - for the juice and garnishing (I use at least one per drink - I love lime!)

For a single serving: 
(I always make my drinks in singles, unless I'm making a batch of margaritas or summer brew or something like that)

1. Fill glass of choice with ice (I like to use a stemless wine glass or something of similar size)

2. Add a shot's worth (more of less depending on your tolerance/preference)

3.  Fill the glass 3/4th of the way with San Pellegrino

4. Fill glass the rest of the way with grapefruit juice

5. Squeeze at least 2 slices of lime (I like 3-4!) into the glass

6. Either stir OR dump into a shaker and, well, you know... shake!

7. Once back in glass, garnish with another lime slice and add a straw (I like to continuously stir to keep the ingredients mixed throughout my slow drinking).

Mmmm... and there you have it. A cocktail to take your right into fall, and yet keep you holding on to summer a bit longer.

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