Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: Breezy Gingham

July 24, 2015

Favorite Wears: Breezy Gingham

This top is the breeziest of the bunch - it's light and the pleats let the wind flow right up the back (and during the hottest part of the summer, this feel downright amazing).  This season, I've had an easy time staying cool with what I wear - but a horrible time figuring out what to do with my hair!  

It's at that super awkward length of sitting on my shoulders and hugging my neck - so I've been wanting to put it up and back this whole season... So I need some ideas, some simple up-do, up and back ideas for middle length hair!  Please share any links to photos, tutorials or Pinterest boards I can learn from. I'm terrible at doing hair, and this length is making my lacking skill even more lacking.

What are your go-to summer pieces and hair-dos?

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