Chasing Davies: Hands-Free Adventures with the Family + GIVEAWAY

June 2, 2015

Hands-Free Adventures with the Family + GIVEAWAY


Every Saturday morning, soon after we all wake up (or those little ones wake us up...), once we're dressed and fed and we're blissfully playing in the living room, Nora brings me her shoes.  This is her subtle request to leave the house and her patience doesn't last long.  This is her, "I'm ready to go out and explore" speak, and we have a few minutes to meet her demands before all hell breaks loose.  Most days I love this.  I actually feel like a better mother when we are out and about. I think when we're home in our everyday space, I just feel tired, lazy and uninspired.

So, a couple weekends ago, I wanted to show Greg, and therefore our babes, this really cool "Art Alley" in the Crossroads of KC. So, not really having any other plans, we decided to get out of the house for a bit to explore the alley. The kids loved all the colors and funny characters drawn on the walls of the buildings we walked between. We saw super heroes, cartoon characters and other stuff that we had to more quickly buzz past (if you know what I mean) down this long and narrow alley.  It was simple. It was free. We all had fun.

I also had the opportunity to pack up and wear my brand new Lily Jade bag that converts from a crossbody to shoulder to backpack all in one.  I packed my camera, diapers, snacks, drinks and my own wallet, phone and personal items within it, and turned it into the backpack form to have two free hands. Better to hold hands with willing little toddler hands I think. 

I am loving this bag so much (hello, free hands to explore with), Lily Jade an I have teamed up to give one lucky winner a shopping credit to pick your own style! They have tons of cute ones in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs.  See the bottom of this post to enter!

{Outfit Details: Convertible Bag c/o;  Tank; Skirt - old ASOS;  White Flats - old UO // NORA - Shoes c/o; Shorts c/o; LIAM - Made in KC Shirt c/o; Sneakers}

{She loves picking up mama's bags, and then waves buh-bye! Not sure what that says about me... or what she thinks of me... but it's really cute.}

We're giving away $75 shopping credit to put towards your own bag! You won't be disappointed in this craftsmanship and top notch, luxe materials.  Enter in the below Rafflecopter between now and next Monday, 6/8.  Good Luck!

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