Chasing Davies: Music & Memphis

April 30, 2015

Music & Memphis

What to do in Memphis, TN

I don't often talk about my real job here, as I keep that and the blog pretty separate.  But each have helped me with the other in different ways.  For example, my blog and connections to other bloggers has aided in my ability to incorporate and plan authentic influencer marketing campaigns for many clients, and help brands develop these programs.  

I bring that up because the last couple days have been a bit quite around the blog - but if you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been traveling. I was doing so for work, I do that often. I'm actually grateful for the chance to see and experience so many different places and meet many people along the way. And I'm super thankful for my husband who is flexible with my altering schedule month to month to allow me to do a job I'm passionate about.

Passion is what I thrive on - it's what produces the best work for me. And I think that's probably pretty normal. It sure was for everyone I was with this past few days.  And it's contagious, too. So I'm actually flying home feeling pretty fulfilled, but ready to see my family.

The Black Cadillacs in Dallas, TX for a Southwest #LifeAt35 pop up concert on the way to Memphis

I had the honor of working on a project with my work-family (it feels like that anyways...) for a client that is a cohesive part of that family.  Sure, it's advertising, but it's hardly just that.  In fact, it's way more - it's about storytelling, experiences and inspiration.  While I'm a proud Kansas Citian, I'm equally proud to work on branding for the state of Tennessee along side a stellar team.  And with each project we introduce to the world, I think more and more people can tell why.

Our latest project was all about showing all that Memphis has to offer. We filmed an awesome up-and-coming band, The Black Cadillacs last year as they were searching for inspiration for the last song of their in their new self-titled EP. (It's now out, so you should get it, under $5! My favorite song is The Sea.)  This Tennessee band hit the road for Memphis, and the city delivered.  You can see how Memphis helped them write a song here, but're going to want to travel for a visit, real soon. 

#LiveAt35 with the Black Cadillacs

We launched the the finished piece this past Tuesday on a Southwest flight from Dallas to Memphis, where the band performed a pop-up concert for unsuspecting passengers as part of the airline's #LiveAt35. On the day of one of these concerts, you have a 1 in 36,000 to be on that flight - so it was definitely an experience.  I'll share the video from that via social, soon!

After landing and later that night, we hit the famous Beale Street for a concert at BB Kings with the band.  Here we got to see them do their thing with all their full instruments, and it was amazing. After hanging out with them for the last few days, I can tell you they are a stand up group, grounded and rooted in Tennessee hospitality. I know that I'm now a fan for life.

 {Lunch at Huey's Restaurant in downtown Memphis }

Have you ever been to Memphis?  Tell me what was one of your favorite things about the city!

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