Chasing Davies: What to do when the snow is freshly falling...

March 4, 2015

What to do when the snow is freshly falling...

We had more snow last week, but I have no room to complain... My friend who lives in Boston showed me a photo of her walk to work, which is a tiny portion of uncovered sidewalk in between multiple feet of snow, probably taller than her (hello claustrophobia).  We just got a couple inches and it was quite pretty!  The flakes just floated from the sky, and they were the big fluffy kind. Even better, it wasn't even thaaaaaat cold, so we took advantage, looked on the bright side and spent some time outside.

Liam and I went on a snow-walk when the flakes were freshly falling and you could tell, he was in pure heaven. It was pretty magical for him, and he was all about tasting the flakes. We walked around our neighborhood, on unmarked sidewalks, making our mark.  We headed down to the Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site which is close to our house and has a lot of open land to run around.  I tried to teach him how to make a snow angel, but his snow suit didn't lend to much movement... hah!  Finally he said, "mom, I'm getting kinda cold now," so we headed up to cuddle.

Then, the next day, we all bundled up and went over the lawn of the Nelson Atkins museum to go sledding.  Man, that's a pretty view in any weather, but the white, expansive lawn leading up to the statuesque museum, with scattered statues and flanked by bare trees was something to see. Off to the side were a few hills, perfect for littles to sled down.  Liam love it (see him sledding here).

And Nora... well, do you see that face up in the first pic? That was LITERALLY her reaction the entire time.  She was completely un-phased, emotionless and ultimately, probably completely ticked off by being stuffed in her snowsuit, unable to move.  We took turns sledding with her, and he expression did not change (see her reaction to her first sled here).  She cracks me up.

Later we went to lunch at Westport Flea Market (yum, yum, yum), and removed her from her fluff and it was like instant happiness - back to her normal giggly, emotion-showing self.  Here are a few snowy pics from this past weekend (now that the snow is already gone... something extra special to look back on):

{We came, we conquered, we went to lunch.}

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