Chasing Davies: Little Stress Helpers for your Purse

March 10, 2015

Little Stress Helpers for your Purse

The last thing you need to get stressed about is ways to help eliminate the stress.  Or finding the time to deal with it. When you are busy, that's not just going to go away.  My number one stress-reliever is time off from work and better, a vacation. But that's not always an opportunity (or available as much as I need it - hah!).  So I wanted to share a few little ways I help manage my stress from the depths of my own purse - always on me, easy to grab at any random free moment and much cheaper than a vacation (though you should take a few of those a year at least!).

And I'd love to here what little things help reduce your stress in the comments below!

1. Write it down. Sure, technology speeds a lot of things up... but sometimes you just need to put pen to paper and write. Two reasons I love carrying a little notebook around at all times, 1) Writing helps me commit it to memory more than typing does, so if it's something I need to do, I will remember; 2) taking a break from technology to sit alone with your thoughts is actually a nice stress-reliever in and of itself.

2. Non-addictive, natural RESCUE Pearls helps you stress less, stay calm and in control. They were developed by doctors and you can find this product, as well as RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts, in the US at CVS, WholeFoods, Walgreens and wherever you find natural products.  Right now, they have a BOBO coupon you can find here.

3. Back-up charger - make the most of the technology you do have. I always find my phone dying at the more inopportune time - when I'm desperately trying to get a hold of someone, or trying to work on the go with emails piling up. I got the myCharge Power Bank over a year ago, and it's saved me from those frantic moments many of times.

4. Have you heard of that little thing, the Tile?  I recently got one as a gift from a work colleague (thus the extra branding on mine), and it's really fantastic. You can add this to your keychain if you constantly losing your keys, or stick one in your car if you're always forgetting where you park... etc etc. Then you can see the exact location on an app on your phone. So, whatever causes you memory strife - Tile it (get a 4-pack to manage multiple whereabouts...).

{My go-to Bag, Wallet-Clutch that holds everything and doubles as a clutch, Phone Case, Sunglasses}

And a few extra things:  I try to always have on hand... Headphones so I can always turn on some music no matter what. Sometimes a good song can really help turn around any situation and lower some blood pressure levels.  I keep a pouch of backup makeup. No matter where my day takes me, I'm not going to worry if my makeup has rubbed off, smeared or if I look as stressed out as I feel. And then there are sunglasses to hide behind when all else fails, but they're cute.

So there you have it. Little things you can carry with you no matter where you are!  What little stress-relief secrets can you share?

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