Chasing Davies: Learning the Art of Floral Arranging

February 24, 2015

Learning the Art of Floral Arranging

I love nothing more than to learn new things. I am constantly listening to a webinar or podcast while I work, asking way too many questions to other professionals of whom I respect, and attending any conference I can. I love watching and learning from those I admire and pushing myself to try new things. Blogging, in one way, has been a big push for me to continue to learn and grow and try.  Through blogging, I've not only had to keep learning, but I've also met some amazingly smart and skilled women from whom I've learned from.

When my blogging friend and fellow chair member of KC Blogger Meetup, Emily, invited me to join her at the very first class of The Bloom Academy, I jumped at the chance. We'd joked before at the skills I lacked around artfully arranging flowers (I used to just plop my store bought bundle of flowers into a vase), and I couldn't wait to learn from Emily.  She has 7 years of experience, and it showed. She was so knowledgable and I felt like I learned a ton. Well, you can be the judge of that based on my final products at the bottom of this post!

Emily provides recipes and steps to building a beautiful (and professional) floral arrangement with every-day grocery store type flowers!  And this class was my favorite kind of schooling out there...with wine, appetizers, a beautiful space and fabulous new friends. But, you don't have to live in Kansas City to benefit from her new venture... The Bloom Academy offers online classes and resources, too.

See below a few pics from the event at the River Market Event Place, which was catered by Moxie.  The photos marked were taken by Morgan of Cornerstone Photography, and the rest are mine.

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