Chasing Davies: Winter Must-Haves

January 9, 2015

Winter Must-Haves

Like it or not, we have to get through this season and we can do so begrudgingly or look on the bright side (just look at all that white snow if you need help).  I'm going to wrap myself in these winter must haves to keep warm and cozy, enjoying the extra outfit accessory options!  Here are a few of those things that I absolutely require to leave the house (or even get out of bed):

Down Coat to keep you extra warm | A really great, oversized Gray Sweater | Snow Boots with the fur | Leather Gloves with a cozy lining in these fun colors... sold x 5 | It's a Charmed Hat, that also keeps you warm | An Oversized Plaid Scarf to wrap and wrap and wrap around you neck | Fleece Lined Tights, for the win | Warm your feet with Patterned Socks

What are your winter must-haves?

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