Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: the Bucket Bag Reveal

January 28, 2015

Favorite Wears: the Bucket Bag Reveal

Outfit with sneakers and bucket bag

Remember the bucket bag round up I shared last week? Well, here is my reveal - the one I snagged and have been carrying every since. I love it.  And the leather... it's so nice.  I really need to wash my car (I have a point, I swear), to the point that I come to work every day with car dust all over me from digging out bags, buckling in kids and just general walking too close. I get stuff on my new purse all the time and it just cleans right off (thankfully, but only after a mild heart attack, not the new purse!).  I forget how well quality items really hold up. Which is especially great since I'm not gentle on anything I own.

On a neutral kick lately, I wanted to still wear something a bit interesting - so I paired this faux-leather pleated skirt (that my husband lovingly stated looked like a trash bag... ok, fine - I'll get a REAL leather skirt then husband.) with an oversized denim shirt, gold accents and old-school adidas sneakers. Lots of unexpected pairings here, and I loved the outcome. Sometimes I just play in my closet, put on a bunch of random things and see how it comes together. This time it worked out, at least I think.

What is the weirdest outfit combination you tried and actually liked the outcome?!

{Outfit Details: Shirt, Skirt - old from ASOS (a better one, on sale!), Sneakers - scored second hand c/o Twice (same style here), Earrings, Bracelet, Purse, Scarf - gift, Lipstick}

wearing adidas sneakers with a skirt
outfit idea with sneakers and a skirt
nars jungle red lipstick
outfit idea with bucket bag

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