Chasing Davies: DIY Garment Rack & Closet Space Extender

October 10, 2014

DIY Garment Rack & Closet Space Extender

My husband will argue with me about this until the end of time, but I think my closet is small, too small!  I have struggled for years with making do with the space, trying out different closet organizers that always - ALWAY! - end up falling down piece by piece. Basically, I desperately needed a second (lower) road to hang more clothes underneath the one and only rod I have to extend clothing space.

So, despite not agreeing that my closet needed more space, my husband was so awesome to build me a custom garment rack that serves the perfect position of that second, lower rack, but that I can roll in and out of my closet (or from side to side; and could be perfect for kid's clothing, too).  I took the measurements of height, depth and width, showed him a few pictures I found on Pinterest, and we whipped it together in a day, stained it over the next few.  I love how it turned out. It's way sturdier than any store bought garment rack and is the perfect - custom - fit for my closet.

The best part, there are not complicated parts - he found everything in one stop to the hardware store and it was basically a slab of wood and pipe parts (+ wheels if you want to be able to roll it)!  He also bought a few extender parts (more pipe pieces) to get that perfect height. See below for all the parts laid out.

The finished product resulted in a perfect fit right under my closet's only rod, instantly adding another layer to hang clothing on.  This helped my closet to be less packed (space between hangers is so nice) and provided more visible clothing.  I moved my bags and shoes up to the top (in shoe cubbies on the shelf above my closet's natural rod). 

And of course, cleaning out my closet always helps with making room... Every spring/fall seasons, when I flip my clothing from storage to closet, I try to get rid of stuff I didn't wear the season or (or three) prior - and do damage control on items that need to be repaired or replaced (let's face it, it's usually the ladder).  It's made it a little easier to part with pieces when I can sell the good stuff, but I do NOT have time to run around to every secondhand seller in town.  

So, when I recently discovered Twice, I was keen to stuff a giant bag that they send (free!) of my gently worn and still in good-condition and mail to them to do all the hard work (of selling them for me).  They accept women's clothing, purses and newest to the line-up, shoes! 

Additionally, I just made my first order - buying someone else's secondhand goods and they arrived like brand new items would. I was SO impressed.  I got a super cute J.Crew top and gold J.Crew leather clutch/bag. Can't wait to style them and shop more!  It's a way to get rid of your own clutter while making some money and save money by purchasing secondhand! win-win.

So, what are you small-closet, space saving secrets?

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