Chasing Davies: Baby Nora Update: 10 Months!

September 24, 2014

Baby Nora Update: 10 Months!

Oh my sweet baby girl brings just so much joy to our lives.  I can't even describe how much I love her, my heart just swells when I come to get her in the morning and she starts flapping her arms like she's going to fly from delight, or when I come home after work, and she crawls so fast right to me and climbs up my legs.  My heart skips a beat when she grabs my face to bring it closer to hers, and soars when she breaks out into a full on belly laugh at something silly I'm doing.  When this girl isn't teething, sick or ready 10 minutes past bedtime, she's just the happiest little thing ever.

She started her 10th month out already pulling herself up to standing position and learning to clap... and she's been doing it ever since, getting braver. She'll walk if pushing something or holding someone's hands, and she has even come to a standing position on her own, without anything to pull on.  She's is taking after her brother in this sense... he took his first free steps at the end of his 10th month and was running around the house before he turned one.

 She also cut her second bottom tooth, and is working on her top two teeth! She's not very happy about either of these - she's a sensitive teether, also like her brother.  It usually bothers her for a few days and then she's over it... until the next one.

She has had a rough time with her ears.  She ended her 9th month with an ear infection, starting this last month out on antibiotics and then a week after was right back on them for another round of ear infections.  We're headed back to the doc today to check her ears, hopefully this last round of meds took care of the issues.

 We took our first trip to Lawrence as a family of 4 a few weeks ago on a nice day (first stopping to see the sunflowers).  It was fun to walk around our old stomping ground and get a similar picture of Nora and the old-school Jayhawk as we have of Liam.

Nora is still preferring bottles, and promptly spits out any little chunk of food.  She is ok with pureed fruit and level two veggies - but level 3 type food, or soft whole foods (like banana, avocado, etc), she spits out.  She won't even try to put tiny bites of food I place on her tray in her mouth, no way.   For now we just keep trying...

{Baby long legs}

Oh and she's such a jokester.  I told her to show me her teeth and she did this...

And it's so fun to make her smile - one sure-fire way to do that is to give her kisses. Girl loves to have her cheeks kissed.  And we want to give a special should out to THIS guy! Today is his birthday!  He'd never let me put up a whole post about him (he'd find a way to hack in and mess something up trying to delete it), but we couldn't resist sneaking a bit in Nora's update to share how much we love our birthday boy! Happy birthday to my hubs, Nora & Liam's daddio!

And Nora, you slow your growing now.  I can't handle age one, can't handle that at all.

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