Chasing Davies: Omaha Fashion Week: Favorite Looks!

August 29, 2014

Omaha Fashion Week: Favorite Looks!

Favorite Looks from OFW 2014

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the pleasure of hitting the road for quick 3 hour drive from Kansas City to Omaha last weekend in pursuit of fashion inspiration and family fun.  The weekend started with a thunderstorm, but quickly cleared up just in time for my first Omaha Fashion Week experience. Located downtown in a large white tent (that survived the intense thunderstorm, thankfully), pumped with air conditioning, drinks and fashionistas, it felt like I pictured NYFW to be like.  

The elevated runway emerged from a large screen that showcased a video preview of each designer and collection before the models hit the walk. I loved this extra view into each collection, as it was the perfect set up for the all-to-quick show to come.  These shows also moved quick - which I appreciated the constant flow and quick transitions. However, not too quick that I could capture some of my favorite looks to share with you!  

Here are my favorite designs from the Friday and Saturday shows that I attended, and a little bit about those designers:

Bridget Mahony for Bridget Julia (center in photo above) started out Friday night and immediately set the tune for the rest of the show - this was going to be fun, I knew instantly. Her collection was a mix of cocktail and evening wear with intricate details of beading and lace. I was blown away for the mix of whimsy and structure, and couldn't help to gasp with glee when the removable skirt came off the white dress (two in one!!!).  

Spoiled Little Mama by Berthier De La Cruz had a Spanish flare and unexpected pops of colors in his designs. I was giddy over the under-skirt colors and the pop they made with the movement of the fabric.  This pieces were all so well crafted!

I've been a huge fan of SuShe by J. Tracy since 2012 when I saw her collection, highlighted by an amazing mustard yellow velvet dress, at KCFW.  I love how on trend, but unique all her styles are. This cage top is so well made, it could last years as a classic, and the updated spins to the classics, like black and white, is refreshing.  I definitely want to get my hands on the tribal skirt. 

It was hard for me not to put up every single photo from Elda Doamekpo for AFIELDA's collection. It was all so good, and perfectly coordinated, but not boring at all.  Even though the fabric was consistent, the design, craftsmanship and styles were far from repetitive.  I was completely in awe through all the looks, wanting...craving a piece in my own closet (like that perfect A-line skirt?!?!).  So good!

And probably the best show of the night, on of pure art... Angela of Get Plastered's work was amazing. Breathtaking. I had so much fun watching this show, that I wish I could watch it again and again. The metallic makeup that accented each look was so beautiful.  The headpieces belong in a museum. And the designs were so detailed. My favorite look was actually one inspired off a peacock, but my photo just didn't do it justice. Thankfully for professional photogs with better equipment... you can see a pic of that look here!

Wallflower is a vintage store in Omaha, and was another show that I couldn't get enough.  They are just so on trend with 50s, 60s and 70s styles so in right now. I adore this geometric swing dress, and their maxi skirts were just unlike the ones made these day - they were structured with the most perfect and subtle pleats at the top that could lead these skirts to being dressed up or down.  Next time I'm in Omaha, I need to make it a point to visit the store (I may never leave)!

As you can see, there were a lot of favs - but really this is only the beginning! There was just so much talent at the show.  You can visit Omaha Fashion Week to learn more about all the fab designers.  I'm really looking forward to Kansas City Fashion Week now to see some of these a second time, and of course, continue to learn about new local designers.

Thank you OFW for sponsoring my trip!

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