Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: Farmers Market

June 25, 2014

Favorite Wears: Farmers Market

The other Saturday morning, we finally got our weekend tushes to the Farmer's Market in Kansas City for fresh produce, breakfast and lots of meandering. What we didn't expect to find was this awesome little train for tots and kids to ride.  We saw it when we first walked in and excitedly asked Liam if he wanted to ride it, knowing how much he LOVES trains.  He looked a little overwhelmed and shy, and just said, "not now, later."  I said, you want to ride it in little bit after we walk around? and he looked and me and decidedly responded, "later, tomorrow."  I dropped it for the time being, hoping he would ride it before we left, because I knew he'd love it!

It's really cute how shy he can get sometimes, and he's still a baby (I mean, he'll always be a baby in my mind... but at 2.5, that's still a baby, right?!), so I certainly don't push him to do things!  But I also want to teach him from an early age to work on getting over his fears and taking chances (safe ones).  

So, as hoped, a couple hours later after we had significantly marketed-it up and on our way out, Liam rode the train!  We were walking towards it and I saw that there wasn't a live and a few carts open, I asked what color he'd want to sit in and he said red (which thankfully was one that was open).  I helped him in and he cautiously waited for the engineer to come by to collect our $2.  When he receive a little sucker - I knew he was going to be ok! :)  And as expected, he had SO much fun and was glad he did it! I was really proud of him!

{Dress - ASOS}

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