Chasing Davies: Smack straight into that proverbial wall (+ Favorite Wears)

May 1, 2014

Smack straight into that proverbial wall (+ Favorite Wears)

So I took my first work trip last week, spending my first night away from Nora.  I was happy to rip off that milestone-bandaid, since I always dread it so.  Knowing we all got through it, makes future work trips easier to stomach as they approach.  It was also a learning experience, as I'm still nursing Nora, so had to lug the pump along and tote my milk back and had a few hiccups along the way.
The last month has been non-stop. The everything all at once kind.  I'm not trying to complain or be a Debbie-downer, because I know people have it way worse! But during the last morning of my quick work trip (after having pumped the night before and morning in my hotel room), I had to squeeze in another pumping session before my meeting as I was running straight to the airport afterwards.  Being at an office that I wasn't familiar with, the bathroom stall is where I ended up with an automatic toilette that just kept on flushing with my every little movement... I found humor in that and just chalked it up to a good story!  I then even found a freezer to stuff my liquid gold and ice pack within in a little kitchen right outside my meeting.

Fast forward 2.5 hours, meeting is running way late and I'm stressing about making my flight (and the building feeling of needing to pump, which isn't going to happen until after I get home...). So, at commence of the meeting, I dash out the door to catch my Uber and head to the airport!  I print my ticket and start making my way to the security line when it hits me:  I left all my freaking milk (from the whole trip) in the freaking freezer!  I'm already only one hour before flight take-off, but I dash out, grab a cab, head back to downtown (which thankfully wasn't too far), keep the cab running, run into the office, grab the goods and head back to the airport.  $100 in cab/Uber fare later, I'm dashing through the airport, which thankfully wasn't too crowded and the milk check at security went pretty fast, to waltz onto my plane with 15 minutes to spare and feeling about 15 years older.

This was just a little moment where everything just came to a head and I almost burst into tears.  It all worked out and I got home, pumped and was reunited with the kiddos, but just a moment where the stress the the better part of me.  You know what I need?  A massage.  I think that, a soak in a hot tub and a full night's sleep and maybe I can reclaim my current age? 

Any tricks for getting my 5 month old to sleep (she's regressing in progress) or pumping on the go?

{Outfit details: Dress - Target, Jacket (on sale + 30% off with GOSHOP), Sneakers (on sale!), Hat - Husband's, Necklace - old, Loft}

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