Chasing Davies: Personalize your home with Kleenex Design

March 11, 2014

Personalize your home with Kleenex Design

We literally keep Kleenex (or I guess technically facial tissue, but isn't it funny how certain brands become a product's general call, like Xerox, Band-Aid, Google, etc?) in every room of our house.  And we go through them so fast, we certainly don't bother with those fancy box covers, plus they just collect dust really.  I always look for the prettiest or coolest box design that might fit in aesthetically with my home's decor, and Kleenex is certainly making that easy!  To celebrate their 90th anniversary (!!!), they developed the first ever Style Studio for a fun and inspiring way to discover prints and colors that will make that everyday need part of your home's decor.  You can find your own style with Kleenex Design Studio!

Here are three rooms/areas in my home (bathroom not included, because, duh, there is Kleenex there) that you'll see how I've incorporated Kleenex into the decor.  Each is uniquely fit and maybe even unexpected, which I picked out via the Style Studio!  

1. Our living room is where we spend a lot of our time, and our toddler, Liam, seems to constantly have a runny nose (thanks daycare).  You can tell this by his shirt sleeves, but when we can catch the snot-fall, we can easily grab a tissue from the book shelf to take care of business.  I love how this yellow patterned Kleenex box ties in the color of our walls perfectly!  

We also use the books we're reading to fill the shelf, by laying them in different directions, and hiding the uglier looking ones behind favorites (like The Gospel According to Coco Chanel).  Also candles are another must, especially with how many diapers we are changing in our home.  But their so pretty these days, that really they are perfect decor.  My favorite is Volcano which comes in a pretty blue glass jar.

Organizing a display shelf

2. Liam's room is another place we have at least one box of Kleenex (we usually even have a second tucked into his diaper drawer).  He likes to practice blowing his own nose from time to time, which is pretty cute, but completely ineffective. Lately, he has been really congested, so in combination of constantly wiping and trying to get him to blow his nose into a tissue, we've also been using a lot of the electronic nose sucker (as seen here).  Either way, it's almost a full time job managing his boogers, so it helps to have a Kleenex box that works with his decor so we can keep it right out for easy grabbing. I particularly love the pattern on this green box! (You can also see more of Liam's big boy room here.)

Decorating the top of a dresser

3.  I'm still updating Nora's nursery from when it was Liam's nursery before he moved on to his big boy room. She's still in our bedroom sleeping in a cradle next to our bed, but we use her room a ton already for diaper changes and getting her dressed.  She has also been a little congested (those germs man, they travel, I think we've all passed around the same cold over and over the last couple months), but I mainly use her tissues to catch spit up!  Oh the joys, if it's not snot or spit up, it's pee, poop or something else I tell you.  

I have this striped box of tissues set on her book shelf (above the book section) next to photos and cute little trinkets. I use some of her accessories to decorate, too, instead of stuffing away out of sight.  I mean, her adorable little moccasins and headbands are too cute not to display (plus, saves closet space for other things)!

Bonus!  Kleenex even has cute car tissue boxes, like this one with a purse pattern that sits right in the cup holder (they have other kinds, too, that can slip in between seats or on the inside of the card door). This is especially convenient when driving home and all the sudden your toddler says, "uh oh mommy, my hands," while holding his bag of paint project they did at school (why that's a project I have no idea)!

Check out this cute video Kleenex put together where they hit the street to ask people to pick out which photo was high fashion or Kleenex brand design between two photos!  You'd never know which was which.  (If the video doesn't load below, you can watch it here!)

How do you keep your home decor stylish while including basic needs?  


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Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring today's post and keeping my home stylish, yet practical!  Please know, that all opinions are 100% my own and we appreciate sponsors to help keep my creative juices flowing!