Chasing Davies: 11 things to get from Target now!

February 19, 2014

11 things to get from Target now!

You guys know how much I love Target... so whilst on maternity leave, Nora and I would go just to walk around (since I get cabin fever).  Well, we were constantly having to hold back (I mean, I had to really hold Nora back who begged me to buy it all) because they are seriously killing it right now!  And surfing around on their site, there are some great pieces you should definitely check out that you could wear now (hello layers) and into summer! Best part, because it's Target, really affordable (all under $35).  Here are the top 11 items I'm drooling over.  

Pink dress (I also want it in grey... my adorable friend, 34 weeks preggo, wore it to her baby shower - it is NOT maternity, she is a freak of nature); Tribal tote; Polka dot button down top (I have this); Ankle strap flats (looks so Madewell); Stripe wedges; Slip on sneakers (because I've been loving my leopard slip ons); Scarf; Baseball top (first saw this on another friend, couldn't believe it was from Target!); Black tux jacket; Crossbody bag; Aviators 

And honestly, I could have made an entire post about their bags... there are a ton of good ones right now, so here are some of my favs:

Tell me what you are wanting from Target (in case I missed something and I need to check it out!).

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