Chasing Davies: Getting physical & staying motivated

January 10, 2014

Getting physical & staying motivated

With getting the 6 week postpartum "ok" from the doctor to get back to life pre-pregnancy, including working out, and a new year all hitting at once, I can't help to be consumed with shedding these baby pounds.  Oh how wonderful having a baby is… and how brutal it was to my midsection, but totally worth it.  So now between baby feedings, diapers and snuggles (not to mention toddler wrangling my other little love), I'm trying to get motivated and regain some muscle.

Jacket Cape; Sports Bra; Water Bottle; Zip Top; Long Sleeve Tee; Dumbbell; Legging Pants; Cinch Tie PantsKettle BellFitbit Wristband; Yoga MatWorkout VideoTank Top; Mini-Trigger Point Massager; Resistance Band

I started doing the Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy workout DVD which really concentrates on your core and also touches on toning up your arms and legs, too.  For cardio, I hope to get to yoga classes and do a mix of elliptical and jogging.  I'm keeping myself motivated by wanting to get back into all my clothes.  There are some I've really missed since this whole pregnancy journey - so I keep looking at those to keep myself going.  It's hard juggling the time with two kids now, but I have to make it a priority whenever I can.  Though, I'm also trying not to beat myself up IF it doesn't happen.  With a 7 week old, we're still learning how to be a family of four.

What are you doing to stay active this year? What's your motivation?

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