Chasing Davies: 10 tops to wear to hide a belly (like after having a baby)

January 15, 2014

10 tops to wear to hide a belly (like after having a baby)

After having my second baby at the end of November, I have been wearing lose fitting tops - some that are button ups (great for nursing) and some swing-styled cuts.  While like a lot of people after giving birth, my whole body needs to get back into the routine of working out, regain lost muscle and overall tighten up, but my belly is my least favorite part right now.  I can already tell it is going to take longer and be harder to get rid of this extra flub than after my first baby... So while I work on that, I will be wearing a flattering cut for hiding my midsection and have found ten (really great) tops you should try if your middle isn't your favorite part.

1. I only wish this Merino Swing Sweater came in 10 colors, because I would get them all (currently come in 3). It is so soft, the perfect length and thin (perfect for layering and not bulking you up). I love the way the sleeves and shoulders are fitted, so there is still some shape to this looser top. I have this one in navy, and will probably get the light blue next... I want grey, but I have about 28 other grey tops, so thinking that would be excessive. 

2. Ok, so you know I really love this one, because it's grey (but also comes 5 other colors - love the hot pink).  This Swing Scoopneck Sweater is currently on super sale, has full length sleeves and a hi-lo cut just to spice things up a bit.

3. This sweater, accurately titled as Kiss of Cashmere Swing Sweater is so light and soft. I have a different style from this "Kiss of Cashmere" series (see number 6) and can attest to how this sweater feels and fits like a more luxury one would.

4. A relaxed fit, but modern cut sweatshirt in stripe can be worn dressed down or up.

5. I especially love the long length of this Blackbird Colorblock Tee - long enough to wear over leggings!  It's also lighter weight - so great going into spring! 

6. I got this Multi-Way Sweater when I was pregnant and it's great to wear over leggings now, too! The fabric is thin so doesn't add bulk, but still keeps you warm and is really soft.

7. A denim tunic is a must.  This one comes in 3 washes and because it doesn't button all the way down, you don't have to worry about the buttons pulling.

8. Don't be afraid of patterns - even horizontal stripes!  It's such an old wives tale that you can't wear stripes in your less favorite areas.  It's all about the cut of the piece, and this neon-stripe sweater with a looser midsection, but fitted in arms and shoulders provides a structured fit.

9. Old Navy's button down shirts have a bit of a looser fit to them, come in a lot of colors/patterns and also are available in tall lengths - which I like to get for extra length (great for wearing under sweaters or over leggings).

10. A baseball tee draws attention to your shoulders and arms - away from your tummy.  This cut also has a lower dipped hem and more relaxed fit providing an overall more flattering fit.

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