Chasing Davies: Guest Post: Taking your baby bump to the party!

December 17, 2013

Guest Post: Taking your baby bump to the party!

Winter is upon us; for some, this evokes images of snowstorms, hot coco, and bundling up in layers of quilts. However, a lot of people think of it as party season! After all, this is when there’s the office Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties, winter galas and perhaps even a wedding or two.  Getting ready for these exciting events can become much more challenging when your baby bump is seemingly growing by the day. No, there’s no more Fairy Godmother to sprinkle magical dust and instantaneously turn you into a princess, but take a look at our suggestions and see if you don’t get inspired!

There’s never been a better time to be expecting. Fashion is flexible and open to interpretation, and this is particularly evident with pregnancy style. Lately, the universe stepped up to the plate, producing a bumper crop of pregnant, celebrity role models to inspire us. From the royals of Europe to the royals of the red carpet, we had England’s’ Duchess of Cambridge, Rock n’ Roll’s Gwen Stefani and Hollywood’s’ Halle Berry to show us just how dazzling pregnancy could be. 

And it’s a great time of year to be dressing the baby bump – All the styles that flatter and fit a curvy, voluptuous figure are well-suited for the colder seasons. The graceful, flowing lines of a full length maxi-dress will suit you as never before. You can do drama, you can do classic, and you can embrace longer or shorter. Think edgy – dark wash skinny maternity jeans with a deeply theatrical creamy shirt. Add slouchy boots and some eye-catching jewelry for a charmingly boho look. Not dressy enough? Lose the boots and add some heels and, if provided height give you the wobblies, then slip on a pair of trendy flats in their place!

Keeping in mind that dark colors are slimming, black maternity skinnies with a black T and an evening blazer left unbuttoned are a sophisticated start. Opt to wear longer, flower shirts that can effortlessly conceal your pants’ elastic or the presence of a baby belly band that will help keep your unbuckled jeans held up.  Remember that the goal of accessories is to lengthen your form, so choose necklaces, scarves and earrings that stretch vertically. Choose attention-grabbing jewelry that will draw attention up to your cleavage and face and away from the baby bump, and steer clear of small, dainty jewelry that would get visually overlooked and make you appear bigger. Do you fancy fitted? Empire waistlines emphasize your d├ęcolletage by hugging the bust while gently flaring over your curves. Or would you rather channel a Grecian goddess? Most knit fabrics including jersey fold and drape superbly, enhancing curves while cascading gracefully over those parts you’d rather hide.

The A-line dress ending just above the knee is a dressy classic. The coat-dress is a similar British tradition continued by the Duchess of Cambridge. And don’t forget the legendary wrap dress; the most forgiving of styles, easy to wear and accessorize. A wrap dress hugs your curves accentuating your bust, creating a flirty, sexy look. Check out A Pea in the Pod for inspiration!

Colors like dark blue, charcoal and black will instantly make you appear slimmer, but what about if you have to wear white and you find yourself floating down the aisle with your full, pregnant belly leading the way? Find a bridal gown that will flair out higher on your torso, much like an empire waist, and gently flows vertically down; forego a full skirt that billows outward, as this will add unnecessary volume. Additionally, opt for a dress with short sleeves or straps, as expecting women are more inclined to become warm and a removal shawl or coat is a much better way to keep toasty during a winter ceremony than permanent sleeves.  Don’t bemoan that there won’t be options out there for you, as retailers like David’sBridal have specific sections dedicated to maternity wedding dress.

Who says your feet have to be uncomfortable to be cute? The last thing a pregnant momma needs is frumpy! More and more manufacturers are marrying cool style, and designs with technology for trouble-free feet. There are alternatives to Birkenstocks! Some lucky mommas can rock a pair of sky-high heels – think Victoria Beckham! Expecting moms often benefit from increased arch support, so equip your footwear with comfortable insoles or purchase flats that provide orthotic structure.

Draw attention to features you like best. Would your bust put a swimsuit model to shame? Rock that cleavage with scooped neck tops. Have your nails and skin got that special glow? Treat yourself to a salon manicure. Have your makeup reflect your sparkle. Pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from fashionably stealing the spotlight at the next party you attend this winter; a little bit of strategic dressing, a touch of confidence and that beautiful pregnancy glow will undoubtedly look and feel beautifully sexy.

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