Chasing Davies: Baby Nora: One Month Update

December 23, 2013

Baby Nora: One Month Update

Nora turned one month old this past weekend!  One month already!  Feels like just yesterday we brought her home, yet it feels like she's always been in our lives.  She has become more and more alert over the last month, with the last week having her awake and looking around a couple hours a day. She is focusing more on my face and patterns.  She especially loves high contrasting pieces.  I especially love when she stares at my face and when I'm talking to her, she moves her mouth as if she's trying to talk back.
She's still pretty chill.  She finds her voice when she is cold, has a dirty diaper, hungry or wants to be held.  Girl loves to cuddle and be cuddled.  She sleeps great when being held and she knows the difference between real arms and just close by or the boppy.  She can't be fooled.  I am just trying to cherish this time when I do get to cuddle her, as now getting  hug from big brother Liam is a feat in its own.
Her belly button scab feel off around 2 weeks - so after several sponge baths, we gave her a real bath in the tub and she did great.  I really expected her to scream the whole time. But we kept the bathroom and water warm and her big brother there to entertain her.  Love the smell of a freshly cleaned baby. 
Nights are still rough, but we have had some good nights to go pad all the sleep deprivation.  Getting her to sleep flat in her cradle is our biggest challenge.  She has proven she can go 4-5 hour stretches without a diaper change or feeding, but usually involves one of us holding her for some of it.  She sleeps like a baby in our arms and wakes up within 20 minutes or faster of being put down for the most part.
Our little lady also has quite the poops.  I'm really hoping my diet (dairy) isn't affecting her… She gets pretty gassy at times and will fuss for a bit before finally passing gas or a bowl movement. And while they do look as they say they should (yellow and seedy), she poops A LOT and they are forceful.  We've had some messy walls.  She also spits up some - not a ton, not after every feeding, but at least once a day at a pretty good volume. We recently just picked up Gripe Water that I'm hoping might help.

All in all, we couldn't be more in love with our little sweet girl.  I love her long fingers and toes, her big eyes and how she balls up into me when I'm holding her, along with everything else.

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