Chasing Davies: Tips on Shopping for Graphic Tees

November 11, 2013

Tips on Shopping for Graphic Tees

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This has been the year of the graphic tee since the 80s, and in fact, the more vintage they look, the better (so you're really in look if you've saved your tees from the 80s).  They had such a fun and unexpected pop paired under a blazer or with a preppy skirttucked into a fancier skirt, and of course make for the perfect casual-cool look; even works for great maternity fashion (and these tees can stretch over your bump)! So many good ways to style a tee, but how do you find the right one?  
A few tips when shopping for tees (and a few picks, too):

1. Don't just limit yourself to the women's department.
Check the men's departments, old-lady sections, even kids (depending on what size you wear) clothing.  Don't limit yourself to girl-cut tees! The loose, slightly oversized t-shirts is the cut that's actually most in style and has the most versatility for dressing up or down.

2. Softness matters.
The softer the shirt (i.e. vintage feel), the better it will drape and fit with real clothes.  You don't want to look like your headed to the gym or to bed, but more styled, so the biggest thing when picking our a graphic tee is the feel and fit!

3. Vary your tee collection.
Think beyond just a white tee with black lettering (though a classic and will always be in-style and great to layer under/with almost anything, especially printed pieces) and look for colored tees, design prints and other details, like baseball sleeves.

4. Shop around.
There are tees in almost every store right now, but don't forget to check our local thrift stores for truly vintage or unique shirts!  You can also make your own - starting with a great base tee (like from American Apparel) and either a design of your own or one you have permission to use printed right on for a custom tee (online printing site here).

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