Chasing Davies: Gift Ideas for the Kids in your Life!

November 15, 2013

Gift Ideas for the Kids in your Life!

The holidays have taken on a whole new meaning since having kids of my own to celebrate with.  They're just a little more magical and seeing the look on my son's face or in his eyes when he gets something new or discovers something exciting makes shopping for him all the more fun.  Even a simple box that arrives in the mail excites him - and usually it's something for me or our home! Not that the holidays are all about gifts under the tree - there is so much more that goes along with this time of year, of course - and I can't wait to evolve our own family traditions as the years go on and as we add another little to our family.  But for the gift giving portion, Target and their #MyKindofHoliday campaign makes it super easy, affordable and exciting to find those face-light up kind of gifts for those special kiddos in your life! 

Here are a few of my picks for girls and boys ages 2 and up:

Basketball hoop and ball - Liam loves his, but I love this one more than the one we have b/c it grows with the child!!  Ours does not... bummer.

I love anything around music for our dude - this Adam Levine Designer series drum set will last well into the future and how great is a Disney designed guitar to get your kids excited to play? We also love our iPod for play music all around our home for our little one to dance and sing to.  These iPod Nano's are colorful and cute for kids!

A great way to get your kids outside and moving, this Razor Scooter is perfect for kids and can grow with them, too, as the handles raise!

Our little loves to use our electronics for the few apps we allow him to play and watching his favorite shows when we're on the go.  But our electronics are also very expensive... so this Android Tabletmade for kids is way more ideal then handing over mind.

You can also shop the big Kid's Catalog to find the gifts that speak to you!  Liam has been having a blast flipping through the hard copy of this catalog, or as he calls it, book!

What are your favorite holiday gifts from Target? 

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