Chasing Davies: 37 weeks along // and still so much time left

November 12, 2013

37 weeks along // and still so much time left

Pregnancy style and progress

Wow, 37 weeks along seems like a huge accomplishment and should be a great point of relief to have made it to, what some consider, full term.  But 2 more weeks until the scheduled c-section seems like 2 years.  I'm sleeping about 3-4 hours a night, in constant discomfort, at many points throughout the day in pain, and not even able to keep up with my toddler in his final days as our only child.  Half of me can't wait for the day to be meet this active girl who loves my ribs, to grow our family by one and to not be pregnant anymore.  

But the other half of me is nervous with a scheduled c-section, surgery for sure in my future, and changing my little boy's life forever.  The upcoming transition from how we operate a family now to how we'll change as a family of four makes me anxious.  For now, I just have faith that everything will go as it should and the moment we meet our little girl, we'll all feel a fulfillment we never knew didn't exist. 

{Outfit Details: Cardi, Sweater Dress - old from H&M (similar), Boots, Necklace - J.Crew Inspired via Ebay (similar)}

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