Chasing Davies: 34 weeks along // comments from strangers

October 23, 2013

34 weeks along // comments from strangers

Oh. my. goodness. In the past couple of weeks totally weird and awkward comments have just poured in from strangers galore.  The other day, I was at a retail store, minding my own business while browsing a rack of clothes, when a man hollered at me from a couple racks away, "Oooo girl, you are pregnant!"  Not even the "no sh*t" look I gave him and immediately turning away from him scared him off... he kept going.  "You ready to pop?"  Ready to pop something, but I did the gracious thing and just walked away.

Last night, I was at dinner with a few friends.  As we were leaving, a lady (maybe mid-fifties) popped up from her own nearby table to ask me when I was due.  It was pretty harmless, but kind of out of the blue. Oh, well, I simply responded, "next month."  She then responded with, "good luck with that." Ok... thank you?

I bought a new car last weekend, and after all too much time working through the details and talking in between about everything else, including this baby on the way, that it's a girl, and yes, Liam is excited to be a big brother, etc. etc., the salesman said, "I know I shouldn't say this, and it's just because I'm old, but you sure you aren't having twins?"  Why do people continue to speak after they "know they shouldn't say something?"  Oh! I just remembered, I am having twins - oops, forgot!  No, I'm just a hundred years pregnant.

And those are just some recent gems.  It's crazy the comments I get from complete strangers.  I think I might just start playing dumb and asking what they're talking about.  What pregnancy?

One more month...

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