Chasing Davies: 27 weeks along // sciatica

September 3, 2013

27 weeks along // sciatica

I'm loving my time with my growing and active girl in there.  The other night she was moving around per usual, and I tapped one finger lightly on the side of my tummy. A few seconds later, in the same spot, she kicked or punched back.  I did it again in a different spot, and she responded with the same type of movement exactly where I tapped. She's already making me laugh.

What's not so funny (or perhaps it is if you're not me), is walking around while dragging my right leg behind me.  A new-to-me-this-pregnancy struggle that's reared its ugly head the last 2 weeks or so is sciatica.  Sciatica is leg pain, numbness or weakness that starts in the low back and travels down the sciatic nerve in the leg, causing pain.  This is the result of compression or irritation to one of the five spinal roots in each sciatic nerve. Basically, little lady is nuzzled down in my right hip and pushing into my lower back, causing me discomfort, shooting pain down my right leg and even some numbness (thus the leg dragging).  It's a very weird feeling.  When I was pregnant with Liam, he sat high and nuzzled into my ribs, also painful, but I could at least walk normally. 

Has anyone else experienced this pregnancy issue and have any advice for relief?

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