Chasing Davies: Outdoor Summer Wedding Perfection

July 17, 2013

Outdoor Summer Wedding Perfection

The first weekend of July, I had the extreme pleasure and honor to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend from college, and old roomie, and fellow dog mom, and road trip partner, and equal peanut m&m lover, and best late night, all night movie/talking/more eating of peanut m&ms company, and just simply my beautiful friend, Breanna's wedding in Minnesota. And oh my what a beautiful surrounding for a wedding.  The ceremony took place in Unity Park, Winona, MN followed by and a bbq, fro-yo clad reception back at her parent's home in Rochester, MN.  We dined and danced under a tent filled with twinkle lights and DIY chandeliers. The tables were filled with collected vases and adapted mason jars stuffed with sweet prairie and garden flowers and mismatched, yet perfectly coordinated plates.  It was simply lovely.  I took about 63 photos of the decor alone.

But more than anything, it was so wonderful to see my friend so blissfully in love. It was also wonderful to be fully reunited with my three college roomies who now live all over the country.  Weddings really are amazing for bringing out the happy and togetherness in everyone.  Here are a few photos from this beautiful event.

{I mean, how beautiful is this surrounding and cool is that car?!  All the details of this wedding were just so spot on. It was such a beautiful ceremony. oh and my bridesmaid dress was actually one of my favs c/o London Times. The 3 bridesmaids wore different lace, pastel type dresses.}

{Post-ceremony champagne toast and greetings with that beautiful bride and then my husband and I - It was a bright sunshiney day, thus the sunnies.}

{These are some of the cool cats I got to hang out with. I pretty much adore them. There is nothing better than old friends, lots of memories and songs to bring back those memories... like the entire album of Emancipation of Mimi. You're just lucky I'm not posting the video my husband took of the bride, those 2 girls in the above and I completely lost in the song singing along... completely in tune, no doubt.}

{See? So beautiful + one of my favorite guest gifts ever... homemade strawberry jam. It's so good.}

{And maybe the most brilliant part of the entire reception... the freaking FRO-YO bar with 25 topping options!  I mean, I'm pretty sure this is not just the preggo in me talking here... but the preggo in me did go back for seconds.  I figured I was missing out on all the glorious wine and "Strip and Go Nakeds" so two Fro-Yos was necessary.}

Congrats, Bre & Dan! 
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