Chasing Davies: New York Travel Shots!

May 9, 2013

New York Travel Shots!

A quick girls weekend to New York meant for lots of walking, eating, sightseeing and just a bunch of can't-do-this-at-home type happenings. My favorite thing about this city is that no matter how many times you go, you always see and do and learn something new. And I love the open walking from one adventure to the next every few blocks.  Not to mention the great food... oh man.  Just take a look at a few pics to see what kinda trip I had....

{I'm slightly embarrassed to even be admitting this, but last minute, on a whim, we decided, based on a New York resident's deco, to check out Hunk Mania. For real. Think Magic Mike.}

{Perfect hair do for a slightly windy day - a full braided hair crown by Katie}

{New York is nothing if not unique... from local, been-there-forever-shops to the art on every corner.}

{Italian treats... I could eat a chocolate covered cannoli everyday, man that was good}

{mmmm... We went to Eataly, a major collaboration between many including Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich, to walk around the open market and then ate at Birreria on the rooftop!}

P.S. Not photographed, because I refuse to be "that" kinda person... I had a brush with a celeb!  Russell Simmons walked into the Starbucks we stopped at to rehydrate and use the bathroom facilities. He actually stopped to ask me and my friend if we were in line. I said, for the bathroom (wahh wahh).  So there you have it. My brush with fame! 

Worn throughout the weekend: multi-color jacket & bright pink purse.

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