Chasing Davies: fifteen months

March 20, 2013

fifteen months

This little nugget is walking, running, jibber jabbering, climbing up and down stairs, reaching (and now getting things that I thought I had put up high enough...), pretending to talk on his play phone, pulling everything out of mama's bathroom drawer as I get ready (hey - if it gives me 4 minutes to slap on some make up - I'm game), blowing kisses and giggling (a ton - probably my favorite sound).
He's really taken to carbs of any kind (who can blame him), and even when I strategically mix veggies in with his pasta, he manages to ever-so-kindly feed the dog those hidden little gems. Oh toddlers... always outsmarting. So if you have any tips on how to get veggies down this kids throat - do let me know!
All too fast 15 months has come.  Liam and I stole an extra hour together after his 15 month check up, and I managed to snap my camera fast enough to capture some of his sweetness.
Liam's outfit: Cardi - Gap Outlet (similar); Pants - H&M (similar); T-Shirt - Hand-Me-Down; Mocs - Freshly Picked
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