Chasing Davies: Now Trending: Reversible Jeans

February 18, 2013

Now Trending: Reversible Jeans

 Interested in jumping on the camo pant trend or want something cutsie, like hearts for spring, but worries about falling out of lust with the print months or a year down the road? Target may have the answer... In comes FlipSide Jeans with a pattern and a solid pair of jeans in one (or two different patterns if you're feeling really feisty). So if camo ends up on the miss list next season, no worries, just turn those baby's inside out.
I bought the first pair above and can't wait to take them for a spin....They are a little rougher (not as soft), but running them through the wash helped a bit and will report back after a full wear.  
What do you think about this trend?

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