Chasing Davies: A sweet little morning. A couple little thoughts.

December 11, 2012

A sweet little morning. A couple little thoughts.

A couple Saturday's ago, I ventured not very far away to a local coffee place that I'd never been to, though has stood there for awhile. I met two new friends there that I've connected with through here blog and the act of blogging.  Something I love about this little site is the connections it has brought me. I love meeting other people locally, in the country, around the world and learning from each one of them.  Learning and leaving completely inspired was indeed what happened this particular Saturday morning, and I'm so grateful for such a lovely morning with these two {Sarah & Heather, respectfully}.

and no, I didn't plan to wear a hat because of the name {merely a perfect coinsidence}

Necklace - c/o My Name Necklace; Vest - Black Friday Find @ Banana Republic; Hat - oldie from Target {similar via Gap}

Another something I'm grateful for is getting to take "Liam" around with me whenever I need a little extra of him.  Sometimes I get so sad when I'm away from him. I just picture his little grin new with teeth, hear his sweet giggle from my memory and long to be able to hang out with him. He's changing so fast - he'll be ONE this week - and I feel like I'm missing a lot of it.

Though I'm grateful to be able to teach him the ways of a strong working mama, like my mom did for me. And I'm lucky, along with my husband, that we're able to provide for him and spoil him when necessary (all the time?), just as my parents did for me.

So on days I need a little extra to take to work or where ever life takes me and remember all that I'm missing and for the reasons why, I just wear this necklace, his sweet little name around my neck. It's no replacement, but I do love it.