Chasing Davies: A first birthday success.

December 17, 2012

A first birthday success.

Liam's first birthday party was yesterday. We had our immediate family members and some of our closest friends with their littles over for a Winter One-derland. Liam was in a good mood, we had plenty of food, the decor came together to give our yellow house a frosty feel and most importantly, I think little man had a great time!
This is just a sneak peek of the party and Liam, the daintiest first time cake eater ever.  More pics of the decor details, cake and party pics to come in a few weeks.

I made Liam his own personal and healthy cake with wheat floor, a small amount of sugar, egg whites and yogurt.  I found the recipe here and made the vanilla cake (Liam seemed to like it just fine, I even thought it was good).

The "1" sign was made with poster board and coffee filters. I just cut out the number then taped (you can glue if you wish) coffee filters all over! If you wanted a different color, you could use spray paint.  

How did your own kiddos eat their first cake? Attack or pick?