Chasing Davies: Top it off for Fall

November 23, 2012

Top it off for Fall

Something that makes me want to live in a pedestrian-geared city more than anything... the need and ability to wear hats on a more-regular basis.  Something about walking from your house, to your garage, into your car, then directly to the office or Target or store doesn't makes wearing a hat very needed. And I'm talking wide brim and fedora type hats, not so much for warmth (maybe a little bit?), but as an accessory.

It totally works for these New York and other city type ladies as part of their outfit in a totally not awkward way. For me, leaving in the middle of the country, when I wear any one of my Fall hats (not talking pool and beach wear) I get weird looks.  For you more suburban living ladies, how do you feel about wearing hats as part of your outfit?
Some hats I'm totally eying and definitely going to get one anyways... 
Photo Credits: 1/2/3/4