Chasing Davies: Jonathan Adler and I have a chat.

October 16, 2012

Jonathan Adler and I have a chat.

So this happened a couple weeks ago. Meeting Jonathan Adler, talking to him about his business,  new adventures, thoughts for the future... You know, just a typical weekday night. Keep reading to learn what I learned about the mega-star designer and see more pics...

I first started by gush-i-n-g about his new bags, totes, clutches and pouches. I mean, really, Jonathan? You already have me wanting to throw my money at all your home pieces, and now bags, too. They are seriously brilliant. So I had to know more. He started down the bag/accessory side of things about a year ago and he claims they are only going to get even better (possible?). "Just wait until the Spring collection, " he warned me. Well, here are some of my fav not-Spring collection pieces currently available, that I already love:

All Jonathan Adler bags, shop here! *Ah, and adorable sunglasses case - love.

I asked him if he had any plans to peruse more of the fashion side.  He said never say never, but not at this time. He did, and mark-my-words, say that I could come (and sit front row nonetheless) to his first fashion show, though... I probably shouldn't hold my breath.  Did you know Mr. Adler really doesn't like fashion shows. He actually said, "I hope I never do a fashion show."  They are a lot of work for moments of pleasure - and I can totally see his point there... though, for my sake (sitting front row...), I hope he does one some day incorporating home (some how) AND fashion together!

So the bags are kind of the shiny new thing, but his bread & butter and true "passion" is pottery.  This is what I think of first when I think of this famous designer, but what I didn't know is he really is still very much part of the creation process. He logs hours in the studio getting his hands dirty to come up with the latest creation. While he also has products in the most vibrant and beautiful colors, I think he owns the bright white pieces people love to fill their shelves with...

Some of my very favorite white pottery pieces: Dachshund BookEnds; Horn Sculpture; Frame; Mustache Bottle Stopper; Telephone iPhone Dock; Elephant Ornament; Lacquer Tray; Studded Vase

His pieces are unique, definitely modern... funny, yet classic, simplistic, though vibrant and range from pottery to pillows, to blankets, to candles, even furniture and soooo much more. And even though he has his toe dipped into so many areas, they are all seamlessly and uniquely him. 

The Jonathan Adler brand continues to thrive, and I was just so honored to get to meet him, talk with him a bit, mingle at the same par-tay, and can't wait for that first fashion show front row (right?).  So  keep an eye on Jonathan Adler... he "tots" got it going on.

And before you go, you must check out this video for Ebay Jonathan did. You can view a glimpse into his home, see how he uses his favorite color (orange) and get a sense of his home style:

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