Chasing Davies: HGTV Designer Extraordinaire, Dear Genevieve

October 9, 2012

HGTV Designer Extraordinaire, Dear Genevieve

The star of HGTV's namesake show, Dear Genevieve and judge on Design Star, Genevieve Gorder attended the Signature Home event last Thursday night.  It was so fun to meet here and have her in Kansas City! I couldn't wait to ask her a few questions, since she is my favorite interior designer, starting back in the TLC's Trading Spaces day! 

Keep reading to learn a bit more about her, few tips and see some fun pics...

After (or before?) the funny pics and girl talk, Genevieve and I chatted a bit about getting started in design and on TV. It was refreshing to hear her say that being a designer was not something she'd always wanted to do!  She kind of fell into it around 18 and then quickly joined TLC's Trading Spaces.  In fact, the last time she was in Kansas City was for a Trade Spaces episode!
Her inspiration actually stemmed from Martha (THE Martha, of course) and Designing Women (!! loved this show) in a time where graphic designers (her degree) was a male heavy profession.  Well, I for one am so glad she cut through the testosterone and established this steady stream of inspiration and totally out of the box, unique and undeniable brilliant design.

Before letting the HGTV star move on to other party-goers, I had to ask her a couple selfish questions... I think some of you might appreciate them, too. :)

Advice for new moms, whose home's are being taken over by kid stuff and toys galore...
Genevieve recommended large baskets or storage bins, like ones from Hable Construction, that as the child grows, they can also learn to put their own toys away easily, yet always easy to access!

*Storage baskets from West Elm (here and here) & Hable Construction

On a budget and/or lacking time? This one is for you.  If you are short on time and don't have the cash to redecorate your home, Genevieve recommended concentrating on textiles and rugs to make the most of your budget (and time)! Especially, not being afraid to layer them (this gives me great inspiration for a room in my house, an old rug and a new rug without a home...)! She uses great patterns to really make an impact in her decorated homes.

And did you know one of Genevieve's new adventures is her very own rug collection?  You know, because being a mom, her own show, a star judge on another show and travelling for guest appearances isn't enough - not to mention, she bakes - so there's that. Super woman, for sure.

*Rugs by Genevieve Gorder... just a few of my favs!

It was so fabulous meeting Genevieve in person. I have watcher her on TV for YEARS, like at least 7. She is gorgeous and down to earth. I only wish I could get her to stay in KC my  house... hah!

Stay tuned for my interview with Jonathan Adler later this week (sneak peak of Mr. Talented in photo below with Genevieve, me & White Style Table girls).
Photo courtesy of talented Jeff Evrard

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