Chasing Davies: The convergence of fashion & technology

September 19, 2012

The convergence of fashion & technology

edit: HP contest was updated below. Make sure to scroll down & check out the HP contest for how to vote!

You can’t talk about fashion these days without the underlying theme of technology. The two seem to go hand in hand, and digesting fashion is highly technological these days. Sure, people still covet those fashion magazines and some catalogs that come around once a month, but consumers are able to fulfill their desires for instant gratification and receive content at a much faster pace through constantly improving and evolving technology.  At this point, those magazines are just reiterating (albeit in a beautiful way) what we already know.

With the rise of visual social networks, such as Pinterest and Instagram, smartphone usage and tablet choices, users demand fashion content at the touch of their fingers.  Now more than ever, brands have to take control over their content by pushing it out digitally themselves, or else their consumers will for them.  Take New York Fashion Week for example; this year, one third of brands that showed at Lincoln Center live streamed their runway shows (source), making fashion a lot more accessible to anyone with internet connection. 

{My favorite Spring 2013 collection by Jason Wu}

Shopping for items is now down much easier within a social context due to Pinterest, blogging and Facebook apps.  Sharing is huge, for example – 81% of consumers are influenced by social media posts (source).  So while social media users and time spent keeps rising, brands have to keep up. Fashion shopping has to keep evolving to where there customers are to stay top of mind....

And digesting all this now-accessible information has to be fashionable, too… Long are the days of carrying around a bulky computer bag that outweighs you. Technology is as attractive as the things you find with it.

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