Chasing Davies: Painting the night away among friends and wine

September 4, 2012

Painting the night away among friends and wine

Starting the night with buckets of wine and blank canvases, a group of girlfriends and I gathered for a BYOB painting class at Hook Gallery & Framing located in Kansas City at 45th and State Line near Westport & The Plaza areas. 

Our "inspiration piece" was Van Gough's Starry Nights painting.  Out instructor, the owner of the gallery, who also reminded me of a dark haired  Matthew McConaughey led us through each layer.

This space also opens it's doors to private parties...and I'm thinking this would be a fantastic place to have my 30th birthday... Anyways, if you live Kansas City, check it out. If you live somewhere else, I'm sure you have something similar. I've heard of them called Canvas & Cocktails in other places.  

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