Chasing Davies: Fall 2012 Hair Trends to Try

September 14, 2012

Fall 2012 Hair Trends to Try

I can talk about fashion until I'm blue in the face, and last I touched on Fall makeup trends, so I didn't want to neglect our locks.  There are some big trends for surrounding our heads this Fall, and while I was getting my own locks Fall-ready, I got to pick my hair stylist's brain on what is already starting to happen!  Here are a three trends you might try:

1. Go Dark(er). Fall fashions are filled with jeweled tones and richer colors, and this year hair is falling in suit. Chocolate, auburn and caramel taking over, strand by strand...

2. Twist it. Try twisting all your hair back into an up do or some of your hair back to add interest instead of braiding (while braids are still acceptable, thank goodness).

3. Pony up. Sleek, pulled back pony tails offer an easy and trendy option, and gets your hair out of your face. You can play with your part, or slick it all back. Place the pony high or low.

For my own Fall hair make over, you've all seen by now, I went dark. I will be playing with different hairstyles all season long and for sure will try the pony and twists!

{Photo Sources: Kate Bechinsale; Harper's Bazaar; Blogger LoveMaegan; FabSugar & InStyle}

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