Chasing Davies: How much would you guess this entire outfit to cost?

August 29, 2012

How much would you guess this entire outfit to cost?

So, I'm kind of proud of this outfit.  Not that many of my outfits cost that much (I buy diapers, not expensive clothing and am I'm a budget shopper to the core), but this outfit is definitely a steal. What would you guess this outfit to cost (minus most of the accessories - watch, rings, bag - as they were gifts)? 

Keep reading to see if you are right (and more pics)!

Ok, here is the run down of where this outfit's pieces are from, and how much they cost:

Dress: Old Navy - 30% off - Reward $= $11
Boyfriend Blazer: Target (similar) = $19.99
Wedges: Gap Outlet - store wide 20% off = $15
Belt: Loeman's years ago on clearance = $6
Necklace: Forever21 = $10.80
Spiked Bracelet: Urban Outfitters = $16 (ok, I probably could have done better here, but love this bracelet)

Grand Total: $79 
{Not included - Theit camera bag, Michael Kors watch (gift for having a baby), stackable rings (Mother's Day gifts) and of course engagement/wedding rings}

So what do you think? Pretty good for a evening look headed to an event (when I wasn't even trying)?!

P.S. Check out this sweet write up & little interview I did with London Times (and check out there adorable dresses while you are there). :)

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