Chasing Davies: Hiding my hair under a turban

July 27, 2012

Hiding my hair under a turban

THIS is a great way to hide frizzy, uncooperative and frankly, unwashed hair.

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And really, it's pretty simple to do. Thanks to one of my very good friends who taught me (in a thrift store while purchasing this scarf and another), I want to show you this simple hair-do.

All you need is a square scarf that is big enough to wrap around your head twice.

Step by Step:
1-2: Take the square scarf by the corners diagonally to make it the longest possible.
3-5: Fold/roll the scarf like you would a bandanna (this is easier on a flat surface).
6: Tuck the end under before your last fold/roll so it doesn't stick out like a tail.
7: Take the middle of the now thinned out scarf to the back of the head.
8: Wrap to the front and cross the ends one time.
9-10: Cross the ends again to make a loop.
11: Take the ends back behind the head and tie in a knot.
12: Spread the scarf out the way you want, tuck hair, pull down some hair, fix it up!

The key with wearing a turban, my friend told me this, have your pony tail, bun or in my case, braid come out below the turban (vs. have the turban sitting under it) to keep fro looking too 1908s-exercise-class. And maybe off-center the turban knot on your forehead.  Pull down a few pieces of hair on the sides.  But really, it's as easy as that.

Now go raid your nearest thrift store for bright scarves and turban away this weekend. Afterall, it is a GREAT weekend hair remedy (say, after the pool). Happy Friday!

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