Chasing Davies: Starting Underneath: Panache’s Masquerade Collection

May 27, 2012

Starting Underneath: Panache’s Masquerade Collection

Sometimes we (and by we, I'm referring to me, but trying to make myself feel less alone) put so much effort into an outfit and how it will look on the outside, that we can completely forget that looking good starts underneath.

Yes, I'm talking about your skivvies. And even I've struggled with this, especially with my changing body from all that pregnancy has brought (flub).

My Curves & Me is a new site launching in June. This site will cater to a curvier gal (ahem) and to give you a taste of what this site will have in store for you, here are some quick reviews of brands that will be available!

Panache new site launching in June, has several different collections of lingerie feature bras, panties and other items. One of these collections is their Masquerade collection. Designed to be very sophisticated and elegant, this collection is for the larger chest (sizes D through H). Their current spring and summer 2012 collection showcases ten bras that vary in style and design.

One bra that is part of this collection is the Amira. This extremely feminine bra features a plunge style that enhances one’s cleavage. Made from Boselli satin, this bra comes in an elderberry colour. Appliqué motifs in a champagne colour are feature on the cups, straps and center gore. 

The Delphi is another bra that comprises the Masquerade Collection. This particular bra comes in two different styles: basque and balconette. The bra is made from both satin and embroidered mesh. Underwiring is included in the design to provide support. To help provide some shape, foam is used to line the cups. The straps are made of satin and are able to be adjusted for proper fit. In the center of the bra is a charm.

Another plunge bra that makes up this collection is the Illsa. This bra has an exquisite design. The pattern of the bra is a diamond shape on tulle. The other material used in this bra is sateen which makes it shine. The bra comes in one colour which is a darker shade of green. 

The Persia bra is a balconette style bra without padding. The bra comes in a rich damson plum colour. Featuring embroidery, the base of the bra is a nude colour. This creates an illusion that the bra is semi-sheer. The combination creates a rich looking bra reminiscent of Persia from which the design inspiration for this bra came. This bra comes in sizes up to an H cup.

You can find a wide array of Panache bras at My Curves & Me.  Check out the website to find out more information.

This post is brought to you by My Curves & Me.

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