Chasing Davies: An Easy Combo

May 16, 2012

An Easy Combo

{Dress - Cynthia Rowley/Marshalls (similar); Cardi - J.Crew (similar); Leopard Belt - J.Crew (similar); Wedges - TopShop}

Right now, I think I could pair mint with almost any color and make an outfit less ordinary.  Not ordinary is my only goal when getting ready for work these days.  Sleep deprivation is a funny thing.  I can go 5 days in a row getting less than 6 hours of broken up sleep, then one glorious night comes along and the baby sleeps for 10 solid, self-soothing hours, and I sleep for at least 7 pretty solid hours.

The funny thing on these rarer nights, well two funny things - I wake up several times just because I'm used to waking.  I take a look at the little guy on our video monitor (thank goodness for this thing), watch his breath and awe over his sweet face, then go back to sleep. Repeat.  Then the next day, I should feel refreshed when the baby sleep past 7am. But I find myself feeling more tired after these nights than the sleep deprived ones.

I'm not sure why it works that way - but I compare this situation to chocolate.  Get a little, want a lot.

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